How I Got My Allergies Under Control!

This is how I got my allergies under control!  When I was in my 20’s we took a trip to Devon in the UK and I must’ve eaten a kg of clotted cream over the course of the weekend. Scones with Jam and Clotted cream! My absolute best. Not sure what happened, but can only guess that I picked up some sort of bacteria from the clotted cream. Because since that weekend – I cannot tolerate dairy.  Especially cream and cheese. I’m talking about shocking diarrhoea every time I ate cream or cheese, along with sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, headaches and skin rashes!

Our gut microbiome is so sensitive, and acts as our first line of defence, along with our stomach acid and enzymes. It’s no wonder so many people suffer from Auto-immune conditions, brain fog, reflux, heartburn and allergies/intolerances these days. Our gut is bombarded with foreign bacteria, preservatives, chemicals, hormones and medicine which can alter our gut microbiome forever!

I am now in my mid 40’s and have only recently found the answer to the allergies that have plagued me since my trip to Devon. In a way, it has been a blessing, because I wouldn’t know what I do today, if it weren’t for this intolerance to dairy. I have been researching and looking for answers for 20 years and FINALLY feel like I’ve found what works – AND, it all makes sense.

It’s worth a try – the human race has been doing it for centuries and only in the past 70 years have our eating habits changed dramatically! The introduction of GMO food, antibiotics, vaccinations and medicine have altered the microbiome we inherited from our ancestors in a very short space of time, with dire consequences!

When adding fermented food to your diet, it’s best to take it slow! Introduce a tablespoon per day and increase the amount if you do not have any reaction, such as bloating, diarrhoea, headaches, nausea! Slowly, the fermented veg will start to replace the bad bacteria with the good! In this process, you will find that your body and mind start to transform in ways you could never have imagined! The brain fog lifts, everything becomes clearer, the aches and pains ease, the digestive discomfort disappears and you can literally feel balance restoring itself!

Here’s a great tried and tested recipe for you to get started! It’s far easier than you might imagine.


Fermented Vegetables


  • 1 Head Cabbage White
  • 1 Head Cabbage Red
  • 2 Large Carrots Grated
  • 3 Cloves Garlic Finely grated
  • 1 Tbsp Sea Salt Or Himalayan Salt
  • 200 Mls Kefir Water Or filtered water


  1. Finely Chop cabbage into a large bowl. 

  2. Add grated Carrot, Garlic and the Salt and combine.

  3. Cover vegetable mixture with a dish towel and let sit for 20 minutes.

  4. Pound the mixture with a meat cleaver or a rolling pin, so that the juices are extracted from the vegetables and the vegetables soften.  

    Fermented Vegetables
  5. Place the vegetables in a sterilised large mason jar and push the vegetables down so that they are compact and there are no air bubbles.  

  6. Pour the remaining liquid on top of the vegetable mixture.

  7. Fill a small Ziplock bag half way with water and place on TOP of the vegetables and liquid.  This acts as a weight so that no air gets into the mixture.  

  8. Leave the mason jar on a plate in a warm place and it will start to ferment. Depending on which climate you live in, the vegetables should reach their fermentation peak at 2-3 days.  You will see the mixture bubbling and the plate will catch the excess liquid.

  9. Once your vegetables have fermented, place the lid on and keep it refrigerated.  

Recipe Notes

Introduce a tablespoon of fermented vegetables per day and increase the amount from there if you don’t experience any detox symptoms.

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