Are you one of those people who has been constantly seeking out new diets or eating plans that will help energise, revitalise and slow down the ageing process! There are so many “FAD” diets out there and it can be very confusing and difficult to choose one that is correct for your body type, lifestyle choices and budget!

The latest craze has been Keto, LCHF (low carb high fat), Paleo, vegan and vegetarian, as well as intermittent fasting, juice cleanses and The Mediterranean Diet! Many people have had incredible results, especially on keto and intermittent fasting and you can see this by the 1000’s of before and after photos on instagram! I mean, some of them are quite astounding!

SO, here’s the thing! Here’s what all these FAD diets have in common!


Usually from eating LESS Carbs in the form of sugar, grains, dairy, certain fruit and vegetables and too much protein (which converts into sugar by the body if there is excessive intake)! If you are wondering how I came to this conclusion, read on!

A year ago I started working with a friend of mine who bought a Spray Tanning Business in Singapore. It is a mobile spray tanning company, where you spray tan clients in the comfort of their own home! Another part of the business was being the On-site spray tanning company at Body Building competitions, which we did about 6 times a year. While I was Spray Tanning for this company, I joined a renowned gym in Singapore and for the first time in my life, I had a Personal Trainer once a week. I met a lot of Personal Trainers at this gym who were also Body Builders and took part in the competitions. I have had many conversations with them about their diet/eating plans when bulking (eating a high calorie diet with a calculation of Carbs, Protein and Fat according to your Height, age and weight) and then leading up to a competition where they go into calorie deficit, which they call ‘cutting’! So, when they cut, it means they remove carbs, sugar and fat from their diet for weeks leading up to a competition and then the day before the competition they stop drinking water! This helps to get rid of excess fluid (which they refer to as being dry) and helps with the definition of their muscles, making them more visible and defined on stage!

Through researching and talking to clients, and personally following a keto lifestyle for a while, I came to the realisation that these diets that seem to work, all have CALORIE RESTRICTION in common! And, due to cutting out food groups that hold onto fluids (carbs/sugar etc) and cause inflammation in your cells, you initially lose quite a lot of weight – it’s mostly from getting rid of excess fluid in the muscles, liver and kidneys/bladder!

When you cut out dense food, or dense food groups, like Carbs, Meat, Nuts and Legumes, Dairy etc, your body will get rid of excess fluid and inflammation!

OK, so what’s my point here?

When it comes to diets/eating plans, there’s no quick fix, especially if you are doing a FAD diet just to lose weight! If you are looking for more energy, vitality and healthier organs and cells, then your food choices really matter!

Here is a list of Food groups that are “clean” and utilised by your body efficiently and optimally!

Fruit – Berries and low sugar fruit like Lemons, limes and green apple/pear

Vegetables – All vegetables, except potatoes (unless organic and cooked in a broth),

Green leafy vegetables and cruciferous vegetables

Fish and Seafood

Grass Fed (and finished) or pastured Beef

Pastured Chickens

Pastured Eggs

Raw Goat or Sheep Cheese

Note: Fruit and Vegetables should be organic where possible

In my next blog post, I will be delving deeper into why we shouldn’t be eating grains, legumes, sugar, dairy and regular meat and chicken and the impact it has on our body and the environment!

Please, if you have any comments or questions regarding any of the above information, please share it in the comments section below! I am happy to discuss with you!

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