Have you ever wondered why so many people are suffering from new age diseases, where the numbers have risen exponentially since the 70’s?  Through a lot of research, I have found that many of them seem to have one thing in common? INFLAMMATION!!!

Heart disease, diabetes, fibromyalgia, auto-immune diseases and any ailment ending in ‘itis’ refers to inflammation!  These are modern day diseases – our great grandparents didn’t suffer from these ailments as much as we do these days.  Some people’s argument or view on this is that it wasn’t diagnosed back then, which is often the argument for Autism, ADHD, ADD (all these are linked to inflammation of the brain)!  BUT, I don’t believe this is the case!  There is a direct correlation between the rise of inflammation and inflammatory conditions and the introduction of GMO food and the use of herbicides (roundup), mass production of processed food, sugar consumption and the government food pyramid!  Oh, and the very controversial subject that no one seems to want to talk about, vaccinations!  All of these products are full of toxins and heavy metals!

Toxins, xeno-estrogens (artificial estrogen from plastic, the contraceptive pill, excess testosterone in women and lack of testosterone in men….just to name a few), preservatives in cosmetics – these all have a negative effect on the cells and tissues of our body!  The human body is so incredible!  It is built to survive – that is it’s purpose!  It will do anything to survive!  It will shutdown organs and systems in order to repair (homeostasis)! It will take from one body system to support another!  The heart and brain being the most crucial!  Everything else becomes secondary!  This is why in holistic therapies, it is well recognized that the body works as a whole – each organ and system supporting the other and creating homeostasis (balance for survival)!  If we try and treat each system separately rather than as a whole, this could have a negative impact on other organs or systems by overloading them! 

That is why a detox/cleanse is so important – beginning with elimination!  If you don’t clean out the digestive system, colon and bowels, any toxins that are released at a cellular level through detox will back up and affect the other organs, especially the liver!

When consulting with clients, I will always start with a detox/cleanse!  BUT, I don’t believe in juice fasts or sending the body into shock through crazy programs – slow and gentle is best!  It has taken years for toxins to build up in our cells, therefore releasing them too quickly can make one feel miserable, sick and can be dangerous!  Each cleanse is very personal and has to be tailored to your current lifestyle and how quickly your body detoxes or cleanses.  

Once your body has cleansed and you are feeling energetic and glowing, you will be able to introduce daily maintenance protocols, so that you don’t fall back into old habits that clog up your system.  This is also a great way to prevent illnesses or diseases as it will strengthen your immune system and help your body absorb the nutrients required to function optimally!

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