Meal Portions

Correct Meal Portions

Take a look at this Meal Portions infographic and have a good read/study of what it is telling you.  The majority of us overeat and have this weird notion that we need to constantly eat to be healthy.  This is far from the truth.  If you follow these principles while making healthy food choices you will more than likely receive all the nutrients you need in your diet.

Your stomach is the size of your fist and that is why the portion for Carbs such as rice, potato, oats or grains is enough to fill you up.  Add protein the size of your palm to that and you will feel satiated until your next meal.  Then you fill up on vegetables, which are full of fiber and micronutrients and your stomach stretches to the point where it signals your brain that you are full and can stop eating.

Now, if you eat junk food and follow these principles, of course these principles will not work for you.  You need to make healthy choices and eat as close to nature as possible.  For example, eating whole grains or eating protein that is produced in a regenerative way so that you are not getting the toxins used on animals in factory farming (think eggs and dairy too).  Eat Organic fruit and vegetables where you can.  There is a list of the Dirty Dozen vs The Clean Fifteen here.

If you live in Singapore, you can source clean, well researched companies producing meat, fish and poultry from Sasha’s Fine Foods here.

I would love to know if you’ve tried to follow this Meal Portions infographic and whether it works for you.  It is much easier than counting all your calories and weighing your food.


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