Juices vs Smoothies

Here’s a really simple way at looking at it!

Juices are like the soap….smoothies are like the scrubbing brush!

Pure, organic Juices made from vegetables and lemon, clean out the cells of your body.  They alkalise the body and cleanse at a deep level and are easily absorbed, which means  your digestive system doesn’t have to do too much work at breaking down the food into a liquid form (chyme).  The nutrients are quickly and easily absorbed and assimilated!

Smoothies contain all the fibre of the vegetables and therefore your body processes it differently to juices.  Your digestive system has to work a bit harder to turn your smoothie into liquid and then pass it through the small intestine and colon, therefore taking longer to absorb the available nutrients.  Some of the fibre from vegetables is insoluble, which means your body doesn’t break it down and absorb it, and it will ultimately be excreted via the colon and rectum. This process takes longer and the nutrients aren’t absorbed as quickly and efficiently as with juicing.

I wouldn’t say that juices are better than smoothies, or vice versa – it just depends on what you are trying to achieve.

If you are trying to cleanse your body at a cellular level, (which is something we should all be doing…but more on this in a future blog post), then juices are the quickest and most efficient way of cleansing at a cellular level (like the soap on a greasy/dirty pan).

If you are maintaining your health once you’ve cleansed and feel you need something more substantial in the mornings other than a juice, or an afternoon snack to tie you over from lunch to dinner, then a smoothie is perfect.  The fibre in a smoothie will encourage an ideal environment for good bacteria and will help with elimination too.  The best type of smoothie is a Green Smoothie made from vegetables and lemon – no other fruit, unless you drink it on an empty stomach and you’re not drinking it as part of a cleanse.

As you can see, both juices and smoothies are beneficial to your health and a perfect way for your body to ABSORB nutrients and give you the ultimate GLOW!

You can find a juice and smoothie recipe in the recipes section or in the links below!

Here:  http://absorbtheglow.com/2018/10/31/green-juice/

and here:  http://absorbtheglow.com/2018/10/31/green-smoothie/



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    1. Jasmine Tzivelekas

      This site is a real gem! The recipes are easy to follow and oh sooo delicious. I love the idea of eating the different colours of the rainbow!

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