Good vs Bad Food Choices

Good vs Bad Food Choices

Do you think you know the difference between good vs bad food choices?  It can be really confusing.  Just as you think you’ve made the correct choice, new data comes out to tell you, you’ve been doing it all wrong!

For example, you add raw spinach to your smoothies, in your salad, to your juices.  Then you are told that raw spinach contains Goitrogens, which can affect your thyroid.  Therefore, it is best eaten steamed or cooked.  Even though this in Essence is true, you would have to eat a huge amount of raw cruciferous vegetables in a day for this to happen.  So, sometimes the facts get mixed up, exaggerated and confused.  We have become very analytical with our food in modern times.  Gone are the days when we followed what our grandparents passed down through generations.  In my opinion, this is one of our biggest issues with food these days.  We listen to Scientists, instead of listening to our body and our intuition.

Well, this infographic will take the guesswork out of food choices. In this list you will find scientifically researched information on what the better choices to make when it comes to good vs bad food choices.

A great place to find more information on this topic and other interesting facts, is Kelly the Kitchen Kop

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