Do you believe fats make you fat?  This is what the government and food production companies would like you to believe!

But, what a long way we have come!  It amazes me how the powers that be can have such a massive impact on our beliefs.  Our ancestors never questioned which food was good or bad for them.  They learnt from those before them and ate real, whole, good food from the earth.  After World War II, our food production changed dramatically!  We started producing food in factories, which prolonged the shelf life, as fresh produce wasn’t available due to rations and the state the world was in after the war.

There are a few products that became overly processed and lacking nutrition during this time.  One of the main ones was oils and fats!  Our ancestors have eaten saturated fat from animals for millennia without any health repercussions.  That is until the introduction of seed oils and margarine.  If you follow a graph, you will be able to see how the production of these oils run along the same line as heart disease, diabetes, dementia and cancer (all inflammatory diseases).

In this infographic, you will see the list of good fats vs bad fats.  Don’t be afraid to include saturated fats into your diet.  These fats, in moderation are good for your hormone production and brain health.  And, they don’t cause inflammation the way seed oils or margarine does.


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