My Candida and Parasite Journey

My Candida and Parasite Journey

Gosh, it’s been a month since my last update on My Candida and Parasite Journey and what a month it’s been!  So many new and interesting facts learnt and some big decisions too!

I have been documenting Richards journey, as well as my own over the past 6 weeks and there have been some interesting revelations!  Due to travel through work, Richard has been on the protocol for almost 4 weeks and i’ve been following it for 8 weeks.   This is what we’ve found!

  • Initially, inflammation generally holds on to about 3 kg’s of weight.  As soon as you start the anti candida protocol, you drop around 3 kg’s in the first week.  Unfortunately, as soon as you go back to your old ways of eating processed food, take aways, carbs and sugar, this weight is easily put back on.
  • After the first couple of weeks, your weight plateaus!  If you don’t persist or if you’re not consistent, it is very easy to go back to old ways!  This is where a health or nutrition coach, or a friend with whom you can be accountable really helps you stick to your plan, and a goal or incentive is great too.
  • Herbal remedies aren’t always the answer and can take a bit longer to get results.  Also, it’s best to see a practitioner, such as a naturopath or herbalist if you take the herbal route, as you could be sensitive or intolerant to certain herbs and as in my case, you end up learning the hard way!
  • I’m not an advocate for medicine (personally), but in the case of systemic candida or parasites, medicine works!  It doesn’t work just on it’s own though, you need to follow an eating plan, or elimination diet to prevent them from returning.
  • Coconut Oil and Apple Cider Vinegar are both miracle food!  Coconut oil is anti-parasitic, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and full of saturated good fats essential for your brain.  Apple Cider Vinegar is incredible, as it helps produce Hydrochloric Acid in your stomach, which helps break down food and can help with reflux or heartburn.  It also helps to kill off bacteria or parasites in food before digestion in the small intestine.  If you can’t stand the taste of vinegar or it gets too much for you a great alternative is a product called Goli which you can find at this link
  • There is a healthy alternative to anything we eat in our modern diet!  Something I will be offering to personal clients, to transform their family favourites into the healthy alternative!
  • Keto is not for everyone and not easy to stay in Ketosis continuously!  Paleo is a much tastier, healthier (in my opinion) option and leaning more towards a sustainable eating/lifestyle plan!  People who have been on Keto who are grossly overweight, have had really great results, but I don’t think it is something you can continue with forever!  Just as veganism is great as a detox and very healing and cleansing initially, but not sustainable in the long term!  At some point your body starts to break down – go onto youtube and take a look at how many vegans have had to return to eating meat, because their bodies were literally breaking down!
  • Everyone’s health and symptoms or conditions are so personal and differs from one person to the next!  Trying to push a ‘one diet fits all’ doesn’t work.  That’s why the government guidelines for nutrition are not working and we’re all so confused about what to eat and what is healthy anymore.  50 years ago there was no confusion – our parents or grandparents just ate good, wholesome food, 3 times per day and obesity wasn’t a problem.  Our food production and scare mongering on how animal fat is unhealthy and causes heart disease has caused so many ‘new’ diseases/illnesses and we need to go back to the way our grandparents ate.  We need to start demanding real food again, for the sake of our future generations health!  This includes processed, mass produced food, which has no place in our lives!

On top of all the above points, my allergies are so much better, I feel better, I’ve lost a total of 5kg’s and I have plenty of energy and vitality!  I want to feel this way in the long term and am so adamant to find a lifestyle that can sustain these feelings without feeling like I’m missing out or restricting myself too much.  I think that’s the secret to living a healthy lifestyle.  If you restrict yourself too much, you’re not likely to stick to it.  That and being consistent.  This is something I am continually working

If you’re interested in reading about a case study, you can read Dave’s Story here.

.  My Candida and Parasite Journey

Above:  New years Eve 2018 and 22nd June 2019!


  1. Deanne de Witt

    So glad to hear somebody confirming my thoughts — I really think the way our grandparents ate was healthy, wholesome eating. I think of Dot and her gorgeous figure and stunning legs for a 70 year old (I think of her especially now that I am menopausal and I have suddenly battled with weight for the first time in my life with a tyre around my waist that won’t leave me!!!) I remember asking Dot once how she maintained her good weight and besides her enjoying walking she said when she got older she dished up a little less on her plate and didn’t go back for seconds.

    Thoroughly enjoy your posts thank you.

  2. Post

    Thank you for your lovely message Dee! There is an excellent book called ‘Nourishing Traditions’ by Sally Fallon. It is a cookbook with old school recipes and very interesting facts about health and traditional diets. I absolutely love it! I’m on a mission to reintroduce ancestral/traditional food back into our lifestyle as that’s where the nutrients (and best taste) are found!

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