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Hi, I’m Rene.

I have been studying and helping clients with nutrition and their health since 2012 when I studied to be a Health Coach through IIN.

It was a wonderful foundation, but I felt a need to know more and went on to study Holisitic Nutrition full time for 3 years and received a Diploma in Integrative Nutrition, so that I could prescribe supplements to my clients and to learn more about specific nutrients and their effects on health.

In 2021, when travel and working with clients face to face became a problem, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to join the GAPS practitioner training through Dr Natasha McBride and became a Certified GAPS Practitioner, which has opened my eyes to how many people are suffering from poor health due to the state of our gut health and from the toxic environment we live in.

This is why I have decided to focus on Stress, it’s effect on Gut Health and how it plays a part in the functioning of our hormones, body and brain.  I like to treat each person as the individual that they are and design a specific program to suit their lifestyle and health needs.


I live in Singapore, am an Australian Citizen and was born in South Africa.  I have 3 children – one of which suffered from asthma and allergies from a young age from too many courses of antibiotics as a baby.  A child who refused to eat any fruit or vegetables due to texture issues and a child who was recently diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  I have managed to help control all these issues with the knowledge I have gained through GAPS and through studying nutrition science.  I, myself am not immune to the effects of environmental toxins, Intestinal bacterial overgrowth and the effects these conditions have on our health.  As important as it is to have the credentials and knowledge from studying, experience counts for more than you would ever be able to learn in a book.  This is what led me down the nutrition path and it is my absolute passion and mission to help others recover their health and heal.


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Are you suffering from the effects of stress or have you had a bad gut bug from travelling or food poisoning?  Have you been on antibiotics, or medications that affect your gut?  Are you confused about how to support your body, health and mind with nutritious, gut healing food?  Click on the button below for a FREE 20 minute phone consultation to discuss your needs and to start making changes that can impact  your health.

“Rene, a holistic nutritionist, is an exceptional guide in dispelling common nutrition myths and providing a contrarian perspective. With her practical teachings and easy-to-understand science, she has empowered me to make positive changes. Her Instagram page and website offer accessible recipes, making it effortless to incorporate her wisdom into daily life – thank you Rene!”

Alex Shardlow